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I know it's busy at the shelter, but I just wanted to say thank you to you and your co-workers there at Lake Country SPCA. You truly make such an impact on several people's and animal's lives. Moving on, Anne has adapted significantly well to her living environment. We actually changed her name to Callie, which I don't think bothered her. She is so mild tempered and brings a smile to everyone she meets. If she in not sleeping, she is playing with our other dog. She is very obedient and already potty trained. So far we've enjoyed several 6 mile hikes at the local state park. She visited the vet, and everything was unremarkable. She is just a gem. I look forward to seeing her everyday I come home from work. So once again, thank you for your efforts that not only bring joy to animal's lives, but to humans as well. May God bless you for the work that you continue to do whole-heartedly each day. - Matthew
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We are so thankful that you helped us find Sonoma. She is a sweet, friendly dog, and she gets along great with the kids. She loves to swim in the lake, chase squirrels, and go to the ball field to run. She is really smart and has learned "sit," "come," "stay," "go potty," "get on your bed," and "leave it" (although she listens best for treats). Thank you for helping match us up and taking such good care of her until we found her!

The Falcones

Walnut (whom I am now calling Inga) seems to be adjusting well to home life. She has learned to use the stairs and Jib has taught her to go out the dog door (still working on the opposite direction).  She loves to be outside--perhaps the reason she is reluctant to come back in the dog door.  The attached picture was from the Paw4Ever Dog Park on her first day home.  Only two dogs were there, so she could relax after a bit of a stressful day - Patricia
This is Sherri.  We adopted her from North Shore on June 10th.  We understand she came from your shelter to North Shore on June 5th. Attached are some pictures.  She is such a joy.  We have had her almost 3 months and she is housebroken (had been after a little over one month) and crate trained - Diane
This is, Barbara, who adopted "Brice" now Wesley.  Hoping to hear that they have their forever homes, too. You just wouldn't believe what a love Wesley is.  He has attached himself to me and moves every time I do!!  I love all the extra attention myself! He has started to whine or even bark to go outside.  He will explore but a loud "going in" is all it takes for him to come running to the back deck at break neck speed! I hope you'll pass along to Mr. Brian that he is doing quite well and has made our little family complete. Here's hoping they all get their forever homes!! - Barb
CoCo Chanel ---we love each other and she is very happy.   Thank you so much,we will love this kitty for many years to come.  Rest assured she will be well taken care of her as soon as I can get her to settle down long enough to take a picture, I'll send some...she is so playful that all the pictures we have are blurred!   Please let Brenda know, I sure appreciate how nice you all were to us, thanks for our new family member!  -  Susan M.
Dear friends, I think of you nearly every day and thank you in my heart for caring for Salsa a whole year until I found her! She is a wonderful, highly intelligent dog and I love her very much. Interestingly, she has grown quite a bit since we've had her; and I have never, ever seen a happier dog. Our family was all here for an early Christmas this past weekend and I am attaching a picture taken of Salsa during that time. With all best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. - Bette L
Bobbi was a very sweet dog and one of the shelter favorites, so they were glad to see her get a loving indoor home after a rough start to life living outdoors on the streets.

I adopted "Bobbi" on March 3, and renamed her Darcie, being a big fan of Pride and Prejudice.  She is the most precious little thing.  The sweetest little dog in the world.  I am so happy to have been rescued by this wonderful companion.

Teresa E.

Inga (formerly Walnut) sends her hello's.  She is about to graduate from Family Dog 2, although her mom has not been diligent with the homework.  Next week, she will take her first trip to the beach.  Some things on the trip will be a bit scary (passenger ferry, golf carts, and ocean waves), but she will probably not want to leave.

Attached is a picture of Inga (on the right) with her dog park pal Crocket (who came from another Virginia shelter).

Patricia E. and Inga

Dear all at Lake Country SPCA.

I thought I would sent a picture of Belle. We adopted her

from you all on 8/8/10. We have had her two months now and she is a pure joy.

The picture is taken after she opened a skein of yarn for

me. She does look very happy with her project.

Thank you for letting us adopt her.

Maria and Craig B.

Dear all at Lake Country SPCA.

I adopted Noah (now Rambo) in January of 2008 and I just want to thank you for

providing me with such a wonderful companion. I lived alone with only Rambo for

company during the school year and he means more to me than you can imagine. We bonded very quickly in the first week and now every night he sleeps curled up next to me and wakes me up in the morning by nibbling on my fingers. I thank you so much for your help in helping me find him.

He truly is my baby and he has truly enriched my life so thank you for helping me find my Rambo!

Dear Lake Country SPCA.

Just wanted to send an update about our beautiful puppy "Vito" who is very happy and

growing so big!  He was well worth our 2 hour trip to get him!

Trudy M.

Hey Sally,

 I just wanted to say how happy I am to have seen Eli who is now taking up the name "Apache" (lol- too many John Wayne movies right?). But all kidding aside I was definitely meant to get him because he fits my personality SO well. Today we just played for hours on end running around chasing each other and playing with his new lion (which he picked out yesterday at Petsmart, may add...took it off the shelf and claimed it to the point where I just pulled the tag off and rang it up, while he was busy slinging it around). Then he slept completely IN my lap. You would think I'd had him for years with the confidence he had in me. He was not sure of my horses and cattle and got a little aggressive but that is nothing that can't be worked on. Even today after some work with him and them together he was MUCH more behaved than earlier today. I know it seems like I did him the favor, but really he saved me because I didn't think I could be this happy in another dog again. THANK YOU for the emails, I look forward to sending pictures of my new baby!!!!


Lorena, (now Raven) is doing very well.

She was very shy at first and has fit very well into our family. She loves her new home a lot. Raven likes to run around in our back yard and loves to play with her toys. Her first Christmas was wonderful and she liked to run around in the wrapping paper. We love Raven soooo much and will never stop loving her.




We just wanted to give you an update on Pasqual who we adopted on December 18th.  He has made himself right at home and is a wonderful, loving puppy - definitely a lap dog.  We wanted to share a couple of pictures with you - please feel free to post on your Happy Tails portion of your website.  We are very happy we were able to adopt him and are enjoying having a new dog.


Thank you again,Tammy & Gene Turek