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Since we are a no-kill shelter, we do not have room to take in every animal people find or need to relinquish.  We must wait until we adopt out or transfer enough of the pets already in our care, in order to free up space for new animals.  LCSPCA typically takes in about 425 puppies per year, and a total of about 30% cats and kittens, and 70% dogs and puppies.  We cannot take in feral cats unable to be handled, touched, medicated, and that are wild and unsocialized.  We do not trap, spay, neuter and release.  We cannot take in dogs that are dangerous, unsocialized, bite, or do not get along with most other animals or people.  We understand that strays may come with very little information but if it is your own pet you are relinquishing, we appreciate it if is up to date on shots and has been spayed or neutered and that you bring it's medical records with it.  If it is not up to date on medical, we still may be able to take it in.  If you can afford it, when bringing us an animal, we may ask for a donation or relinquish fee, but understand if you cannot provide one. There can be exceptions to the above, but in general, this is what we ask.  Please email us to request admittance of animals.  Staff at the shelter are generally too busy to deal with numerous phone calls per day.


LCSPCA is a private shelter and does not have the staff, volunteers or jurisdiction to investigate claims of animal neglect, abuse, abandonment, or to pick up strays.  For these instances, call Mecklenburg County Animal Control at 434 738-6191 or Animal Control in the county where the incident has occurred.  If we have room at our shelter, County Animal Control will often transfer the pets to us after picking them up, but we are not the front line of defense. LCSPCA saved hundreds of dogs and puppies from euthanasia at County Pounds last year by taking them in as transfers before their time was up.  With your help and continued support, maybe we can save more of them this year and next.  Sadly, hundreds more who did not make it into a no-kill private shelter like ours, died at the County Pound last year due to lack of space.
Incoming Animals
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