Lake Country SPCA

11764 Hwy. 15


Virginia 23927


You can help the LCSPCA in the following ways:
Volunteer to help with the animals, clean pens, give food & water, walk dogs, brush dogs, help socialize animals
Adopt an animal
Provide foster home care for an animal
Talk to your friends & family about adopting & fostering LCSPCA Animals
Provide post-adoption follow-up or support
Donate food-dry and wet puppy and kitten food and cat litter
Donate toys- new or used
Donate supplies - leashes, collars, beds, towels, food/water bowls, litter, litter boxes, etc.
Donate a dog house, crate or carrier
Donate grooming supplies (brushes, combs, shedding blades, etc.)
Pay for a dog to be groomed or groom the dog yourself
Donate money or make a monthly pledge for any amount (If everybody in the community donated just $1.00 monthly, think how much that would help the homeless animals)
Donate a gift certificate from Walmart,  Pet Stores, grocery stores, etc. to LCSPCA
Join the LCSPCA
Attend public meetings
Volunteer to help with any of the committees
Help organize, run or attend fundraising events
Go to local businesses and solicit donations for LCSPCA fundraising event
Volunteer to help with Adopt-A-Pet events
Make phone calls to coordinate volunteers
Transport animals on spay/neuter runs or to and from vet appointments
Provide schools and libraries with educational materials on responsible pet ownership, spay/neuter information, pet safety and LCSPCA Flyers.
Host LCSPCA photos with an information link on your website
Donate your time & talent to take photos of pets for adoption flyers, website, newspaper ads, etc.
Donate money for vet services, a spay/neuter or vaccinations
Pay the boarding fees to board an animal for a week or more
Talk to area veterinarians to encourage them to offer discounts to LCSPCA
(We already have a good relationship with Clarksville Veterinary Clinic & Dr. Will in South Boston, VA)
Talk to area grocery stores, Dollar General, Walmart, etc. and ask them to place pet food donation bins, flyers, picture boards, etc. in their stores
Write a column for your local newspaper or a club newsletter on pets currently looking for homes or on ways to help LCSPCA
Lend your artistic talents to LCSPCA for flyers, posters, fundraising, etc.
Donate paper, envelopes, postcard, stamps or other office supplies to LCSPCA
Donate services for a free car wash, gas or inside cleaning for LCSPCA van
Do something not mentioned on this list to help LCSPCA
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