Lake Country SPCA

11764 Hwy. 15


Virginia 23927


Our staff and volunteers are so busy cleaning, feeding, watering, helping customers, etc., we rarely get a chance to walk or play with the dogs or give them obedience training. The cats crave attention and petting and some need socializing. All of the animals are desperate for attention and exercise, and many of them could benefit by being exposed to men and children (most of our workers are women). If you or family members have free time and would like to come pet or play with the animals, teach them how to walk on leashes, how to fetch, sit, etc., please come on in and volunteer!
Call 434 374-8076, email us or just stop by the shelter anytime at 7577 Hwy. 58, Clarksville, VA 23927 next to Ace Hardware. 
We often hear that potential volunteers stay away from the shelter because they think it is too sad or that they will want to take everybody home. Please don't think this, its really not that way at all.  You leave feeling good that you threw a ball for a dog or petted the cats and kittens. They really appreciate the company and enjoy visitors. The more you come in, the more okay you feel about going home and leaving them behind. Your visit made a difference, you gave them a clean blanket to lay on, a pat on the had, rub of the tummy, gave them a treat, or talked to a customer that helps with an adoption....its very rewarding and there is also a sense of camaraderie amongst the staff and volunteers, like joining a group you have things in common with, pay it forward, it feels good.
You can't save them all and you can't take them all home but for the time they spend at the LCSPCA, you can make it a decent experience for them, and feel good about helping in some part to get them into someone else's home. You get used to letting them go and when they leave, you help the new guys in. It's a constant revolving door and it takes a lot of people together doing their small part to give the shelter animals a decent quality of life while they are there and to help them get into permanent homes. You can do it! Pick up the phone or come in to the shelter today. YOU, just one person, might end up being responsible for getting a pet out of the shelter and into a home. You might socialize it, or teach it how to walk on a leash or get it used to kids. You might answer an adopter's phone call when everybody else is too busy, or talk to a customer passing through and say just the right thing that gets one animal adopted. Saving one animal may not make much of a difference in the world, unless you are that one animal.
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