Lake Country SPCA

11764 Hwy. 15


Virginia 23927


The majority of our animals are located at the shelter, with some in foster homes.  Please email, call, look at our pet list, or visit the shelter, if interested in them.  If a pet is available and you would like to adopt, we have no pre-approval application to fill out but will ask you via phone, email, or in person, to tell us a bit about you, your family, other pets, your home and yard, and why you want a pet or pets, to determine eligibility.  Home checks are sometimes required.  Out of the area adoptions will be considered on a case by case basis and are often approved.  If initial information is adequate, we can email adoption paperwork to you or you can fill it out in person.  You will be asked to provide personal information, references, and ID, and to sign and date several pages.  You must also pay a deposit or in full via Paypal on this site, or in pay in person to hold a pet until you can pick it up.  You may take the pet home the same day of approval.   It's a good idea to bring a pet carrier and/or leash if adopting to get your new pet home safely.  You may not transport your new pet home tied up or loose in the back of a truck.  No more than 2 pets in a 30 day period are allowed to be adopted by law. 

Adoption donation for an older puppy (6 months and up) or adult dog is only $100, young puppy (2-6 months old) $125, Kittens $30 and a cat is only $40.  Depending on how long we have had the animal and it's age, it may already be spayed or neutered and have all shots, including rabies vaccination, making the adoption economical and hassle free.  If a puppy or kitten is sexually immature when you adopt, you will need to get it spayed or neutered at age 6 months as VA law dictates.  Currently, we have no funds or grant money for spay/neuter vouchers or assistance but many cities do have no cost or low cost spay/neuter clinics which you can find online.  With low donation requests, we hope to move as many pets into permanent homes as possible, while still being able to cover basic operating expenses.  Donations above and beyond this, are of course, very welcome and will help us to help many more animals.  LCSPCA took in 1,092 animals in 2008, and 1,224 animals in 2009.  We hope, with your support, to be able to continue to help animals and the community for years to come.
We have no transport system but can occasionally find volunteers to drive a pet part or all of the way to it's new home depending on which pet it is and which direction you live in.  We do not fly or ship animals far away.  

We do not have a credit card machine at the shelter so if you want to pay with credit, use Paypal on this site.  Otherwise, we take cash, money orders, or checks. If you are from out of the area, cash is preferred.  Local checks are fine.
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